Let me tell you a true story. On New Years Day 2003, a friend called me from Alabama
         and told me the following story: Her sister-in-law, a Christian, and a non-Christian friend
         werc traveling in her new car from Port Payne to Birmingham, Al .They passed a hitch
         hiker standing beside the road and immediately her car began cutting out and the motor
         completely stopped as they pulled over. She tried several times to start it. The hitch
         hiker came up and tapped on her window and said, “Lady, if you will trust me and open
         the hood, I will start your car,” She opened the hood and the stranger immediately
         closed the hood and said “Your car will start now.” He then said, “If you will trust me one
         more time and give me a ride to the next intersection, I will be forever thankful.” As they
         began traveling down the road, he told the Christian lady, “God told me to tell you, up
         in Heaven Gabriel’s standing with his trumpet in his hand, for God the Father's now
         ready” The non- Christian lady turned in panic and began to scream. He was no longer
         there. Almost immediately she saw a state-trooper on the side of the road. She began to
         tell the trooper her story. He replied, “Lady, you are the twelth person today to tell me
         the same story, word for word.” On December 19, 2002, God gave me the words to my new
         song in this album, “Listening For The Sound.” Please note the words God gave me and
         the words the angel spoke are identical. There will soon be a time when there will he no
         more time. God’s return is at hand. Are you prepared? My prayer is that God will use
         this song to prepare us for His returning.
              -    Ed Ford / author, “listening for the Sound.”
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