Voices of Union

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"When Words Fail" By Dan McCurry

In the Early 1800's, Christian Missionaries brought the gospel message to the Choctaw People. They also taught them the music that early American Christians were singing at the time (shape-note hymns). Recently, about two hundred years later, in Union, Mississippi, present-day shape-note singers from several southern states and two choirs of Choctaw Singers gathered together to fellowship and sing.
Below are three sample hymns, each sung by both the shape-note singers and the Choctaw.
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Union, Mississippi
Shape-Note Music
Choctaw Music
Star in the East
Christian Harmony
Shape-note Singers
Choctaw Hymn #53
Chitokaka ma! chi haksobish a
Choctaw Choir
Happy Land
Christian Harmony
 Shape-note Singers
 Choctaw Hymn #11
Hatak hvsh puta ma!
Choctaw Choir
Sacred Harp
 Shape-note Singers
Choctaw Hymn #60
Natik nanta fehna 'k o
 Choctaw Choir

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